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Here you can find the necessary links to vote for the Bubblegum Server. Vote 1: https://t2m.io/kkSCW0B5 Vote 2: https://t2m.io/zzri50Tk

How to Join Bubblegum Server [Bubblegum Server] (2)

HOW TO INSTALL AND JOIN THE SERVER 1. Go to https://app.twitch.tv/download (skip this if the twitch desktop app is already installed). 2. Go to the Mods section and press Minecraft. > It may ask you to install Minecra…

Bubblegum Server Rules [Bubblegum Server] (1)

Be respectful towards both players and staff. Report any bugs/glitches to staff members ASAP. No cheating of any kind (This includes but is not limited to: using Xray mods, exploting dupe glitches etc). Don’t accuse som…

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Enigmatica 2: Expert Skyblock https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R4yOaVT6Mp4xgxEqbsKwjUBEEWYSDlPg/view?usp=sharing

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